During my time at Snow or later Sue, I was allowed to drive various types of cars. I mainly drove Volkswagen’s, from the Golf to the Golf Variant, but also an Audi, a Skoda, a Prius (jikes) and in the end I was allowed to drive a Tesla Model3.

As a computernerd that is an awesome thing to drive, it has all kind of connectivity options, you can monitoy it from remote with applications like teslamate and store essential data from it.

And now?

After saying goodbye to Sue, I was ofcourse also returning my car, then called Mars as Bram (one of my kids) named him. After so many moons of driving a car, and almost a year with an all electric vehicle that was something to learn to cope with. But so far I am managing fine, I dont owe a car at all and where needed I can borrow one most of the time. We bike a lot more nowadays and that works out fine. My new employer has it’s buildings easily accessible by public transport, so nothing to worry there as well.


So, driving such a car, in my then role as Technical Field Manager, I drove, or should have driven, through the entire country. Since Covid, that never happened as before Covid. Still I drove around the country quite a bit and luckily teslamate drawed me a map. The first period isn’t in there, I didnt have the application back then but for approximately a year, you can see my driving in the country.